All about the Home Made Money Online journey.

Welcome to Home Made Money

Hey there!

My name is Mike and I’m the writer for this website. This site is focused on helping regular people make some extra money online.

My experience with online income stretches far beyond my time with this website; I was educated at the finest online money making university (better known as “You Tube”). My degree is in creative problem solving – otherwise known as research. In my free time I like to randomly Google ideas on how to make money online.

Many of the topics I cover involve how to generate income from the internet, with a focus on content and branding. But my true passion is writing. Writing is my favorite pastime and I love to write just about anything that comes to mind. That is why I started this website.

I’m a full time blogger and content creator, but I also work a real job on the side. I enjoy writing about income topics and have built up quite the portfolio over the years. Before becoming a full time blogger, I had always been passionate about writing, which is why I decided to pursue blogging as a career.

I strive to create quality content that educates my readers while hopefully entertaining them as well. I believe that writing can be used to really make a difference in people’s lives and I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to do that through my blog.

My Core Values

Helping people Become Financially free and creating multiple streams of income through the use of the internet.  I value above all else the idea that people can grow a brand online and have it pay their bills.

Self Improvement is the Mission

Everything stems from growing your income and HMM strives to help everyone develop the skills and knowledge to do just that.