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6 Rules of the Money Game – That Work Great

6 Rules of the Money Game

Have Multiple Sources Of Income

Of all the Rules of the Money Game, Having multiple sources of income is the greatest way to ensure that you can continue to live your life and not have to worry about financial stability. There are many ways in which one can generate income, however, the best way is by starting something that you enjoy. That is number 1 in the rules of money.

Being the initiator by keeping 1 egg in the air and trying to not let it fall is very risky. Keeping 5 eggs in the air allows 2 to fall and still have enough eggs to feed your family. This is a strange way of saying that if you only have a job, you risk losing everything.

Disclaimer: I am not an internationally renowned speaker or investment advisor. Everything you read here is just what I believe to be true. The truth is you make your own set of rules and mindset.

Making Money While you sleep is the top level of the game

It is not difficult to make money while you sleep in today’s world. There are many ways to make money while you sleep, but the top level of the game is passive income. Passive income is the most desirable form of making money while you sleep because it requires no work on your part.


The best way to make passive income is through starting an online brand. It requires initial production on your part to create and get it running. But then you can outsource with freelancers and make it completely passive. At first you will be spending a lot of money on freelancers, but with more and more investing your brand will grow.

Time is more valuable than money

If you think about it, time is the only thing that we can never get back. So instead of spending time on unnecessary things, make sure you spend it wisely and use your time to do something meaningful and productive.


Money on the other hand can always be spent and gotten back. The key is sustainability when it comes to both time and money. With sustainability you use your time making content that will one day create income for you and your family.

Making streams of income is a lifelong game

Making streams of income is a lifelong game. It’s about finding ways to make money and then finding ways to reinvest that much money into new streams of income. That is how you turn it into a game.

There is no saving till retirement, because you never retire. The game never ends, it just gets handed down to the next generation. You retire into the business, the brand, the passive income stream. And the crazy part is that you can retire at any age. It all depends on when you get into the game.

Keeping your money in a bank is a scam!

You are being scammed if you keep your money in a bank. Not only do they loan out your money in order to make more money for themselves, they are using YOUR dollar. The money they don’t loan out sits there and collects inflation. While they say that your money will give you interest. Inflation rises higher than any central banks interest plan.


And those gurus that say you should invest in a high yield interest plan, probably work for the bank. Or they don’t understand that it doesn’t matter how high the interest rate, inflation will take most of it anyways.

The best way to make money, is to use it to grow your brand.

Hope and Wish are not in the money game.

Hope costs nothing and returns nothing. Wishing for a dollar only brings more wishing.

Creating a plan and a process is what you need to do. Only by doing something will you make a difference in your income and your future. a lot of people waste their entire lifetime wishing for the next great thing to come along and give them more money.

Freedom of Time is how you win the income game

One of the most important Rules of the Money Game is to start an online income journey. Finding out how to make multiple streams of income while you work a full time job. Rule of the money game: You never retire, you just create new values.

Get the Tools you Need to Make Online Income

There are many tools and programs available to help you add money to your wallet. The most important thing is to get the right tools for the job. There isn’t one tool that will work for everyone, so find all the tools that fit your needs and learn how to use them properly. Think of it as having all the chess pieces on the board for solidarity.


Attract money instead of Chasing it

The best way to make money is to attract it by creating value for others. This means finding a niche and filling it with information, products or services that people will find valuable. When you start making money online, always remember to attract instead of chase. Turn that phrase into your “Money Constitution”.

Have Money Work for You is easier than working for Money

The best way to make money is to have money work for you. This means setting up a system where your income comes in automatically without having to do anything. There are many different ways to get this type of system set up. One way to to have eBook bestsellers written by a freelance writer or independent writer on a freelance website. Another way to make money every month is to invest in real estate.

find the one that works best for you and start making money today!

Spend less than you earn

One of the best ways to make money is to spend less than you earn. This means living below your means, which will help you save money (or euro if you live overseas) and increase your income over time.

spend less

It also helps to determine if you should spend, invest, or save. It is for the common good of everyone to do this. So keep living frugal and avoid any risky loans or investments

Play Your Money Game and don’t compare yourself to others

The best way to make money is to play the money game and not compare yourself to others. This means focusing on your own goals and achieving them, instead of focusing on how much other people are earning. If you focus on the right things, success will come naturally.

don't compare

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