16 Weird Ways to Make Money

Weird Ways to Make Money Online

Weird Ways to Make Money

There are many weird ways to make money, and some of them aren’t easy. But hey, money is money, isn’t it? Whether you are looking for extra cash as a student or want to diversify your income streams, you can explore weird ways to make money that might surprise you. From selling breast milk to playing video games for prizes, there are multiple unconventional ways to make money that sound too good to be true. Read about 13 weird ways you could make money in this blog.

13 Weird Ways to Make Money

Some people make money by renting out their bodies to be a billboard. This is especially popular among online video bloggers who use their bodies as a way to promote products and generate income. To become a body-boarder, you need to be comfortable with being in front of the camera.

breast milk

1. Sell Your Breast Milk

If you’re looking to make money by selling breast milk, there are numerous sites online that will allow you to do so. Some of the most popular sites online enable users to list their milk for sale online at standard prices, ranging from $1 an ounce up to $5 or more.

Other sites, such as Only the Breast, have negotiated discounted rates for bulk milk sales. If you’re interested in making money from your breast milk, it’s important to research your options and choose a site that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking to make extra cash or help a mother in need, there are plenty of sites online that will enable you to do so.

Professional Eater

2. Win Cash as a Professional Eater

Professional eating contests are becoming increasingly popular as a way to make money. Contestants are required to eat large quantities of food in a short amount of time and the winner is rewarded with cash prizes. The competitions can range from simple hot dog eating contests to more complicated challenges, such as pizza or sushi eating.

Whether you’re interested in competing or simply watching, professional eating competitions are always entertaining. They offer a unique way to test your culinary skills and win money at the same time. If you have the stomach for it, professional eating can be an exciting way to make money online.

sell plasma

3. Sell Your Plasma

Selling plasma is a way to make money, provided you meet the health requirements of selling plasma. Donors become part of a plasma donation center and are tasked with donating their blood plasma. They are paid for their time and blood. This can be very lucrative and can also help people who need blood plasma for medical purposes. Some companies like CSL Plasma pay new donors $1,000 for their first month of service. This shows how easy and lucrative it can be to sell your plasma.

Donors can donate plasma up to twice per week to keep their levels high and ensure safety. Overall, selling plasma is a beneficial way to make quick cash and help people in need of blood plasma.

sell poop

4. Sell Your Poop

Selling poop is a popular topic for discussions online. People often ask about the best ways to make money from selling poop online. There are a few ways you can make money from selling your poop online, with the most common being donating it to medical companies.

selling it to a fecal bank, or selling it to a company that makes energy from sewage. All of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to find one that works best for you and your business. To make money from poop online safely and legally, you must use a reputable website like OpenBiome to ensure that you get good quality donations.


5. Be a Human Guinea Pig

People make additional income as human guinea pigs by participating in research trials and experiments. These studies are often conducted by companies looking for ways to improve their products or services. Weight loss challenges on popular social media apps like DietBet and HealthyWage are a great way to make money while also losing weight.

Other companies may pay participants for surveys about their health or lifestyle, or for taking part in focus groups. Toy testers and market research participants can also be paid for their services. If you’re willing to be a guinea pig, there are many ways to make money while doing so.

6. Get Paid for Your Sperm

Sperm donation is a great way to help people in need of high-quality sperm. However, donors do not receive a cash payment for their time and efforts. Instead, they are reimbursed for expenses such as travel and medical costs.

In addition to providing sperm, donors must also undergo extensive health tests before and after the donation. These include testing for sexually transmitted diseases and taking various medications as part of the medical process. Donors must also provide a written consent form that outlines the risks and benefits of donating sperm.

play games

7. Play Video Games for Prizes

Playing video games for money can be an effective way to earn extra dollars part-time. You can make money through content creation and streaming, playing competitive esports, or participating in activities on Swagbucks, a rewards website that lets you cash in on your online activities.

By playing video games, you can improve your skills and become more marketable, while also having fun and spending time with friends and family. Plus, it’s easy to get started earning money simply by playing games. Whether you play games casually or professionally, there are plenty of ways to make money from your hobby.


8. Be a Professional cuddler

Professional cuddling is one of the unique ways to make money in the cuddling services industry. Cuddling sessions can be conducted for a flat rate, with professional cuddlers charging between $80 and $150 per hour. Professionals must have experience working with people and be comfortable with physical affection. They also need good communicative skills and the ability to work in a team.

To become a professional cuddler, you must research the job and learn more about it. There are online websites that provide information about being a professional cuddler, as well as safety and legal considerations. It takes time to learn all you need to know about professional cuddling, but with patience and dedication, you can succeed in this unique business opportunity.

9. Start designing Etsy printables

Printable items are great for selling online as they help customers save time and money. Whether you’re selling drawing paper, paint, or clothing, there are many ways to make passive income from printable items. You can sell vintage or handmade items to make money from your printable creations.

Alternatively, you can resell the printed items in your Etsy shop. If you’re running an Etsy shop, it’s one of the top ways to make money online and work from home. Overall, Etsy provides a great platform to market and sell printable items.

watch tv

10. Make money watching TV

If you are someone who loves watching popular TV shows, it can be a fun way to make money. You can earn money by taking surveys about TV shows or joining a focus group. Another way to earn money from watching TV is by setting up a blog and reviewing the latest TV shows.

This way, you can help other people decide which TV shows they should watch. Overall, if you love watching TV for fun, there are ways to make money from it.


11. Rent your backyard for campers

If you want to make money from your backyard, there are several ways you can do so. Rental sites such as Hipcamp and Airbnb allow you to rent out your space to campers for an average of $8,000 per year. This could turn into your very own business model.

You can also list your garden as a potential camping spot on AirBNB for holidaymakers to camp at a relatively cheap price. If you have extra room and outdoor space, why not charge campers a fee to camp on your property and pay a 3% fee upon a successful booking.

12. Let your spare room to a student

Students looking for a place to stay near their college or university can be a great source of income. Taking in students can help you save money on housing costs and make extra money. However, it is important to be careful when renting out your spare room.

You want to make sure that you get adequate compensation for the extra space taken up by the student and that the student is responsible and respectful. You also want to make sure that the student respects your privacy and does not have access to your personal belongings. If done properly, taking in a foreign exchange student can be a win-win for both parties.

parking space

13. Rent out your parking space

Renting out your parking space can be a great way to make extra money. You don’t need to spend money on parking spots when you rent them out. You can make money online by listing your parking space on online platforms, such as JustPark and YourParkingSpace.

These sites help you manage the rental process, from listing the space to collecting fees. It’s important to check with your local council to make sure you don’t need a planning application fee. If you are unsure, it is best to ask before proceeding.

14. Join clinical trials

Joining clinical trials in your spare time can be a great way to help advance medical research and potentially help save lives. Clinical trials are often testing a new drug or conducting a new clinical trial procedure, and the application process can be complicated.

Some trials require you to stay overnight at a research center or make repeat visits to a doctor. In exchange for their time and involvement, participants are typically paid per day or per visit for taking part in the trial. Typically, people who participate in clinical trials are volunteers who have no other way of obtaining experimental treatments. This is why it is so important to read carefully about the trial before signing up.

15. Paid online surveys

Paid online internet surveys are a way to make money online. They can pay between $1-4 per hour, depending on the survey and the quality of responses. Surveys can be easy, quick, and flexible ways to make money online. Some survey sites pay through gift cards or specific merchants like PayPal.

Popular survey sites include SwagBucks, Survey Junkie, One Opinion, and Opinion Outpost. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to make money or taking part in a long-term research project, paid online surveys are an easy way to make extra income.


16. Sell Your Hair

Companies are willing to pay good money for human hair to make wigs and natural hair extensions for people in need. Long Hair Wigs can be expensive and time-consuming to make, so companies would rather pay a good price for hair that is already available.

Unprocessed healthy hair of any length and color can be used, but hair with natural highlights or unusual natural colors can fetch higher prices. It’s important to note that hair must be healthy, clean, and in good condition before companies agree to purchase it. So take good care of your hair and make sure that it’s always ready to be sold.

weight loss

17. Lose Your Weight

EOS strives to help people achieve their weight-loss goals by offering a suite of services, including HealthyWage. This site allows users to make money by betting on their weight loss progress. By participating in this program, participants can potentially win up to $10,000 based on their weight loss goals.

Additionally, statistics show that 25-40% of participants win their bets. To set a goal and wager an amount of your choice with Healthy Wage, simply sign up online today!

18. Get Paid to Wait in Line

There are a number of ways to make money online by waiting in line. From TaskRabbit to Fiverr, there are plenty of online marketplaces that can help you find various types of gigs. These range from waiting in line at a concert or sporting event to working as a human bellhop. Some sites specialize in specific types of lines, such as human bellhops who help shoppers with their bags and other service-oriented jobs.

Paying someone to wait in line for you can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s important that you search for the right gig that fits your needs and budget. Marketplace sites such as TaskRabbit and Fiverr are great resources to find different types of jobs.


19. Write Online Dating Profiles

Online dating can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Helping people write online dating profiles can be a full-time job, so it’s important to charge a fee for your services. You can charge per-profile or per-project. Some online sites like upwork will let you set your own fee.

Other online sites may have a fixed pricing structure that they use across the board. If you work with several people on profiles, make sure to share the proceeds from your work.

If you are willing to help with multiple profiles at once, consider forming a group of professional profile writers and collaborating on the costs. This way everyone benefits from your expertise and saves money on profile fees. Besides, it is good business practice to get paid for your work.


20. Get Paid to Sleep

Companies are willing to pay participants to take part in clinical trials and sleep studies. For example, some companies may offer a small allowance for participants who are willing to keep track of their sleeping patterns over a period of time. This can help researchers better understand how certain treatments or medications affect sleep.

Overall, it is beneficial for participants to be open-minded about the possibility of being paid for participating in clinical research. It can lead to a better understanding of new treatments and help save lives.

pet sitter

21. Become a Pet Sitter/Walker

You can create your own pet care business by setting your own rates and offering special services to pet owners. As a pet sitter or walker, you have the flexibility to choose when and where you work. You can make extra money on the weekends or evenings, depending on your availability.

Being a pet sitter or walker is also a great way to get exercise while making extra money. All in all, pet sitting and walking can be a great way to care for your beloved pets and earn some extra cash.


22. Selling Stock Photos and Videos

If you have great photos or videos that you’d like to share online, selling them can be a great way to make money. Popular stock photo sites include iStockphoto, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock. These sites allow users to sell their images for a fee. Depending on the site, you can make anywhere from $0.50 to $50 per image sold.

You can also get paid based on how many people download your work or buy a license for it. If you have great images or videos that you want to share online, selling them can be a great way to make money.


23. Sell Your Feet Pics

It is possible to cultivate a side hustle to sell pictures of your feet online. You can make money by selling online or in various forms of advertising, such as social media and email campaigns. If you have an artistic side, consider selling your pictures on sites like FeetFinder or getty images.

One woman makes over $70,000 a year selling her own pictures as her business. Her website has more than 15,000 active members and has earned nearly $1 million since its launch. If you’re looking for a side gig that can bring in extra income, sell your feet pix online!


24. Get Paid to Fly Drones

You can make money by flying drones professionally. The average pilot makes $33 an hour, and there are various ways to make more than $15,000 to $50,000 per day. To become a drone pilot, you must be 16 years old and register the drone with the Federal Aviation Administration. You also need a valid license or exemption from this agency.

To make money as a drone professional, you must be good at flying a drone and have any licenses required by the FAA. Additionally, it is vital that you possess advanced technical skills, such as programming and software development. These are necessary to create custom applications for your business operations and make money while providing valuable data.

living statue

25. Become a Living Statue

There are many ways to make money as a human statue, from dressing up in elaborate costumes to performing with props such as a stool or table. Your costume should be eye-catching and display your talents. For example, you can be an artist, a businessperson, or a sportsperson.

You can make money by charging for photos or selling your memorabilia online. Another way to make money as a human statue is to charge people for posing with you. You can make money this way by charging a reasonable fee or charging nothing at all if the person wants a photo with you. These ways of making money as a human statue allow you to create an interactive performance and generate income while showcasing your abilities and talents.

26. Share your car

Renting out your car is a great way to make money. There are online platforms and websites that allow you to rent out your car while you are not using it. You can either list your car for a specific period of time or on an ongoing basis. The rental fees will depend on the type of car and the location where it is being rented from. Before listing your car, make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage to protect yourself if something were to happen during the rental period.

27. Beekeeping

Beekeeping can be a rewarding way to make money if you understand the risks and rewards. It is important to understand that beekeeping requires extensive management and requires an investment in equipment, such as hives, bees, and protective clothing.

Additionally, it is essential to have the right knowledge and equipment to succeed as a beekeeper. If you are interested in pursuing this exciting business opportunity, do your research and make sure you have the necessary knowledge and equipment to make money beekeeping successful.

28. Rent your pool

You can rent out your pool for people to use for a short-term. You can charge people as much as $100 per hour using Swimply, which is a great way to make money. You can also rent out your backyard for campers using websites like Hipcamp and earn between $8,000 to $15,000 per year.

You can also rent out rooms, sheds, and your backyard to people on Airbnb or host foreign exchange students. These are all great ways to make money from your pool and make it more useful and versatile in your everyday life.

What weird things can I sell to make money?

Here are some methods to get you started if you’re interested in weird ways to make money. Selling hair online: If you have long, beautiful locks, selling them online may provide you with quick money. Before putting any money down, make sure that you do your research.

How to make money weird?

Making money might not always require a job or traditional income-generating activities. There are people who make money through weird ways as well. Some of the weirdest ways to make money include writing online dating profiles, getting paid to wait in line, getting paid to sleep, and selling their hair.

Other unusual ways to make money include selling poop, breast milk, plasma, being a professional eater, human guinea pig, mystery shopper, friend for hire and cuddle buddy. People can also make money without a job by posing for art classes, making matzo for money, and preparing dead bodies.

If you’re interested in any of these weird ways to make money, make sure to research thoroughly how it works and how you can get started. It also helps to cultivate great networking skills and develop good connections with people who may help you reach your financial goals.


When it comes to money, people will always find ways to make money. There are people who go to great extents to get extra cash, and there are others who make money in the most weirdest way possible.

The way you make money is totally up to you. As long as it’s legal and doesn’t cause any harm, then go ahead and make money from TikTok. If you think your way of making money is weird, just wait till someone else does something crazier than what you did. After all, anything can be a source of income as long as there is demand for it. So get creative and start making money today!

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